WEIGEER 10-inch Crystal Glass Colorful Salad Fruit Bowl, Large Size, Cool Design,

WEIGEER is a life service product supplier, Our mission is to provide people with better life services.

Hope our products can give you a better imagination.

Maybe you have a fancy house, maybe you have a beautiful kitchen, maybe you have a nice life, and then,
if you have a really cool fruit bowl on your dining room table, or on your kitchen cupboard, that’s a great thing.

WEIGEER will give you a different experience.It’s a great experience

Please,come and try our Cool and colorful crystal fruit bowl
It is cool, beautiful, healthy, environmentally friendly, durable, crystal clear.

* It weighs 3.3 pounds and sits smoothly on the table.
*Size, 25*25*10CM, large size, can be filled with a lot of fresh fruit and salad
*Applicable scope, can be used in living room, bedroom, dining room, KTV, bar, club, and banquet hall
*Material: high-grade lead-free glass material, environmental protection, health, crystal clear, dazzling
*Craft and design, exquisite craft, exquisite detail, dish mouth is smooth and fruity,
modelling is distinctive, even and orderly grid design shows nobility and luxuriant.
Unique chassis design and the desktop seamless fit, reduce the risk of breakage.
Has created a new era of fashionable fruit bowl, leading the advanced art life

*WEIGEER Cool and colorful crystal fruit bowl,it’s reliable reliable, you can rest assured
*The quality is also very durable, which has been praised by many consumers.

*Good things are worth sharing, and you deserve a WEIGEER Cool and colorful crystal fruit bowl that can make your life better.

*Your satisfaction

Product Features

  • *Dimensions: 10 “diameter, 4” height. large capacity.Can be filled with plenty of fresh fruit or salad. Weight: 3.3 pounds, smooth and hard to fall off the table.
  • *Material: high-grade lead-free glass,Wall thickness is not easy to be damaged.Applicable scope: living room, bedroom, dining room, KTV, bar, hotel, club, banquet hall, etc
  • Design: glittering and translucent get rid of, smooth fruity, already environmental protection is safe, delicate craft modelling, chic grid design, all show nobility atmosphere.
  • Unique chassis design, and the desktop seamless fit, greatly reduce the risk of damage.New era of fashion fruit bowl,Lead the fashion trend
  • Exquisite workmanship and beautiful colors add beauty to your life.Promise, if there is damage in transit, 100% refund or replacement of new products

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