Should We Go? Ceramic Dog Bowl: Cute, Modern Food and Water Bowl for Dogs. This Pet Dish is Heavy, Tough to Tip Over, Dishwasher/Microwave Safe. New Puppy Gift! (Medium/Large, Pink Marble)

Dog lovers unite! Oh hey! If you’re a dog person, then we already have a lot in common. You’re probably obsessed (and rightfully so) with that pup of yours. Your dog deserves fun, modern, and (most importantly) high quality gear.

Should We Go? is a female-owned small business based in Los Angeles, CA. We make unique pet supplies for dogs and we’re here to support loving dog owners like you.

So listen…it’s time to upgrade your dog bowl situation – especially if you’re still using plastic bowls (icky chemicals!) or stainless steel bowls (SO easy to knock over!) These ceramic dog bowls belong in your house. They make amazing gifts too if you’re welcoming a friend into the wonderful world of dog ownership.

~ Deets to Know ~

Medium/Large Bowl: 6.8″ (diameter) x 2.78″ (tall) x .25″ (thick). Fits up to 5 cups of food or water.

Great for Retrievers, Boxers, Australian Cattle Dogs, Shepherds, Corgis, and other medium and large mixes that weigh 35 – 100 lbs

Small/Medium Bowl: 6″ (diameter) x 2.25″ (tall) x .25″ (thick). Fits up to 3 cups of food or water.

Great for Malteses, Papillons, Pomeranians, Jack Russells, and other small and medium sized dogs that weigh 10 – 45 lbs.

*The No Worries Guarantee*

We get it. It can feel weird to buy something fragile online! Here’s why you have nothing to worry about:

1) These bowls are durable (we’ve successfully shipped out hundreds to happy customers all over the world!)

2) We stand by our product, no matter what. If anything happens to your bowl, just shoot us a quick email and we’ll send you a new one on the spot. Easy peasy.

~ What organizations do you support? ~

Good question! We support Wags & Walks, based in our hometown of Los Angeles.

Product Features

  • ✔️ TOUGH TO KNOCK OVER – This heavy dog bowl stands up to nose and paw nudges…no spills here! Their weight and low center of gravity make them hard to tip or slip. Large dog bowls weigh 2 lbs. Large dog bowl dimensions: 6.8″ (diameter) x 2.75″ (height). Large bowls fit 4.5 cups. Small bowls weigh 1 lb. Small pet dish dimensions are 6″ (diameter) x 2.25″ (height). Small bowls fit 2.5 cups of water or food. This listing is for 1 bowl, not a set.
  • ✔️ SAFE FOR YOUR PUP – Should We Go? bowls are certified FDA Food-Safe. The bowls are made of ceramic with a design printed on the outside. Ceramic is the healthiest choice for your dog and the environment. This ceramic dog bowl has NO BPA, Phalates, or other nasty chemicals that hide in many plastic bowls.
  • ✔️ THEY’RE EASY TO WASH – Keep it clean and wash your dog bowls regularly. You can load these in the dishwasher and wash ’em in high heat with no worries that the pattern will scratch or wash off. They’re also microwave-safe!
  • ✔️ SUPPORT A GOOD CAUSE – Should We Go? partners with Build Rehabilitation Industries for help with boxing and packaging our dog products. Build is a nonprofit that employs adults with disabilities. Your order supports this cause. Thank you! 
  • ✔️ BUY MORE, SAVE MORE – Stock up on pet bowls and save 5% when you buy 2, 10% when you buy 3, and 15% when you buy 4. These make cute gifts for weddings, housewarming parties, and new dog owners. Discount shown at checkout. No promo code needed.