YXQ 5 inch Round Glass Ashtrays Clear Candy Dish Coin Dish Shallow Bowl Home Decorative

Cleaning Method:

*Put the ashtray into the water with toothpaste,using cloth to clean it until there is no oil stains.
*Hold it on hand and rinse the ashtray several times in clear water,don’t touch the other with it.
*Place the washed ashtray upside down on the cloth,don’t wipe or touch, until completely dry.

Special Note:

*Do not place the product in a fire in case breakage.
*Products are glassware,be careful not to crash or fall.
*Do not use volatile agents, metal wires or hard objects for cleaning.
*Place the ashtray to where* the children can’t reach,So as not to scratch

Product Features

  • Product Name:Ashtray; Material:Glass
  • Measurement: 5″ x 1.1″(D*H)
  • With advanced production technology close round smooth,rounded and smooth at the top,glass thick more pratical,extremely heavy and durable.
  • Contracted fashion,pure color transparent,visual appreciation.Glass more highlight its quality,transperant hold it in hand feel is good
  • Great for daily use,gifts,bars,KTV,restaurants,cafes,outdoor entertaining or home decoration

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