320 FT Jewelry Cord, Elastic Bracelet Rope Crystal Beading Cords, Transparent and Shiny Elastic Beaded Line, Can Easily Pass Through Beaded Jewelry, Suitable for DIY Jewelry Making, Bracelet Making

bracelet string is made of high quality strong & stretchy rubber material,It will not break even if it bears 5 kg of weight.

We are a manufacturer with ten years of production experience. In today’s highly competitive market environment, we stand for ten years without falling´╝îIn order to produce this product, we spent a full decade. We rely on excellent quality and professional production mode to survive. During the period, our degree of specialization will be improved step by step, and the quality will be upgraded and updated to be able to stand out and be strong. As a reliable and responsible seller, we always focus on customers and provide satisfactory services to consumers.

Product Specifications:
Material: elastic plastic rubber
Cord Shape: round
Measurement: 1mm in diameter
Length: approx 100 m / 130yd
Color: crystal

Package Include:
1 roll of clear elastic Beaded cord

As a trusted seller,We promise that our store’s products have no reason to refund, and we will replace them for life.

Product Features

  • ELASTIC STRING – The elastic string is approx. 1 mm in width 100m/ 320 ft per roll. It is easy to tie knots and the knot is strong and small to make your beads secure and you can hide the knot easily.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION JEWELRY STRING – The jewelry bracelet crystal string is perfect for bracelet, necklace, bead weaving and other jewelry craft projects.
  • EASY TO USE-Our products are smooth and easy to pass through the crafts made of gemstone beads, glass beads and other beads, giving you a pleasant experience in the production process.
  • GOOD ELASTICITY – this is a stretchable beaded rope that You can stretch a 1-inch beaded rope to a length of 3 inches.. Surprisingly, it will not break at all.
  • STRONG – it may be small, but it is very strong. It will not break even if it bears 5 kg of weight. This is determined by its perfect quality.