Olive Wood Bowl by Arte Legno Spello | Hand Crafted 100% Olive Wood Bowl Perfect for Appetizers, Olives, Dips and More! 4 inch Serving Bowl | Made in Italy

Arte Legno Spello Hand Made Olive Wood Bowls

Arte Legno Spello has crafted by hand unique and unusual items with professionalism and passion for generations. Skilled craftsmen mould with their experience and mastery of the precious olive wood, creating pieces truly useful and unique in our daily lives.

These beautiful Olive Wood serving bowls are individually hand crafted from a single solid piece of olive wood. Created with care, expertise and passion, they and are built to last.

Available Sizes: 

4 inch = 200 ml (This bowl will hold 200 ml of liquid)

5 inch = 400 ml

6 inch = 700 ml

7 inch = 1000 ml

Although the wood will not absorb liquid do not put in the dishwasher, always hand wash. For extra care,and to maintain luster – lightly wipe with olive oil after cleaning.

A memorable gift! These Olive Wood serving bowls make an excellent gift for almost any occasion! Weddings, Anniversary’s, Christmas, Birthday’s and more- Give your loved ones something unique, authentic and also ever so practical.

Product Features

  • Hand Crafted Olive Wood Bowls from Solid Olive Wood from the Umbria Region of Italy. Carved in Art Wood workshop in Italy.
  • Unique and Beautiful Natural Wood Colors and Designs. These bowls are each unique and host an outstanding display of color and depth in the patterns of the olive wood.
  • Available in Five Sizes: 4 Inch, 5 Inch, 6 Inch, 7 Inch and 10 Inch Diameter.
  • Makes an incredibly special gift for almost any occasion! Weddings, Anniversary’s, Christmas, Birthday’s and more!
  • Hand Wash Only- Do not put in dishwasher. To maintain the woods luster lightly wipe with Olive Oil after cleaning.