Zap Impex Hand-Carved Wooden Floral Collectible Elephant Sculpture Figure – Table & Home Decorations (8 Inch)

Precious Gifts – Elephant Decor- Hand-Carved Statue Wooden Collectible Figurine Sculpture Figure – Table Centrepieces and Home Decorations

Product Features

  • Amazing, detailed carved elephant sculpture in ‘kadam’ (neolamarckia cadamba) wood,
  • The pachyderm looks majestic adorned with a beautiful floral coat. The artist has done a great job on the detailed carving work…the elephant has a composed, peaceful look.
  • This is an all natural hand-carved wooden sculpture and NOT resin, plastic, faux stone or other synthetic material. The statue has been hand-carved by artisans from Jaipur in Rajasthan, India.
  • Because these are handmade, no two wooden sculptures are the same. And that adds artistic character to the pieces.

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