Chengmu 8mm Blue Apatite Beads for Jewelry Making Natural Gemstone Round Loose Spacer Beads Assortments Supplies Accessories for Bracelet Necklace with Elastic Cord

care and cleaning: The correct maintenance methods can make the beads longer life, bring you more beautiful. 1, Be careful not to crash hard objects or fall from a height, try to avoid contact with perfumes, soaps, chemical liquids, including household cleaning products and too much human sweat, or the beads will be corrosive, gloss and color vividness Will fall; so, when I am doing exercise, bathing, washing dishes will hide them! 2, Avoid exposing the beads to sunlight for a long time and avoiding heat sources such as fireplaces. If they need to be stored, please put them in the soft box in the room. Beads should be cleaned frequently, please use a clean soft cloth. Love natural beads, hope every one of your beads can bring you good luck.

About Products:
Every product has been carefully selected and packaged, you can see our seriousness. Style and color are the most popular, and also has a variety of DIY fun, increase you, and family, friends happy time. Product packaging are as much as possible with the best materials.

Please note:
1,Beads are the product of nature, hard to achieve 100% perfect, flawless, some of the natural lines and blemishes is unavoidable, but it is also one of the important criteria to identify the natural beads.
2,Because the size of the beads is measured by hand, the actual size you receive may be slightly different from the mark, the small situation is very less, the larger situation will be more.
3,Because of the lighting effect, the brightness / contrast settings of the display, the image hue and the actual project may vary slightly.

Q: How many beads are on a strand?
A: 94~96pcs / Strand for 4mm; 63~65pcs / Strand for 6mm; 46~48pcs/ Strand for 8mm; 38~40pcs / Strand for 10mm;

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will assist you resolve any issue.Thank you for coming!

Product Features

  • The internal structure of apatite is mostly glassy crystal, which has very obvious characteristics of natural minerals and is very beautiful. They are high value beads, divided into many levels, our beads less impurities, less cracks, good workmanship.
  • Bead size: Approx 8mm, Hole size: 1mm; 1 Strand (15.5 inches/Strand, approx 46-48pcs/Strand); Material: Natural stone beads; Quality: Excellent polishing, smooth, shiny surface.
  • About products: In the same level, we are trying to find better beads to you. The outer packaging is a paper box, environmentally friendly, compact, and beautiful, as a gift is also a good choice. The inner packaging is a velvet bag or a cotton bag, which is a good helper when you make the bracelet. In addition, we also give you about 2 meters long stretch cord, you can immediately enjoy and share your DIY fun.
  • Usage: Our beads are used for a wide range of purposes, such as beading, necklaces, bracelets, jewelry making, jewelry design, earrings, rings, etc. You can also make DIY gifts, handicrafts, yoga bracelets, home and wedding decorations. If you are satisfied with your work, welcome to share your creation in the comment area, thank you.
  • Kindly note: 1,Almost every bead is natural and unique, we will randomly select and send. It may be a little different from the one shown in the picture. 2,Since the size of the beads is measured by hand, the actual size of the beads that you received may be slight different from the size above. We will try our best to reduce these differences when we purchase products from factories. Thanks for your understanding.

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