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Haiker Blue Dynamic Moving Sand Glass Picture Home Office Desk Decor Birthday Xmas Gift with Holder Small Size (Black,White,Blue)

100% Brand new,Handmade;
Material:Plastic,Glass,Sand,Alloy and Peculiar water;
Let hills and desert wonders gradually rendered on the eyes. Adjust your work stress and fatigue;
More exotic scenery on your office desk,gives you entertainment playing treasure;
Undulating hills, surging natural charm, may be able to cultivate your sentiment;

Sand pictures are all handmade.You don’t know what you will get after reversing it.Its uncontrollability build its beauty.There are some tips to help it form more beautiful pattern.
1.When you just get it,if the sand is scattered or slant,flip it randomly to gather the sand to the bottom.
2.Flip it vertically,so that more bubbles can cover the sand to slow down the falling speed.
3.Through playing it for long time,you will find it is much more beautiful with a longer falling time.If there are only a few slender sand lines falling down,get a slow and stable speed,don’t worry,it’s normal.It usually means you can get a perfect pattern.This situation most commonly occur on Big size one.

Package includes:
1x Moving sand picture with holder

Product Features

  • Size: 6.7″ Long x 5.1″ Width (17*13cm), Small Size Model
  • Material: Made up of sealed glass cavity,alumina,special sand,colorless liquid,air bubble
  • Sand painting: Ancient Chinese folk art with modern technology
  • Dynamic picture: Each movement of the sand can form an unique scenery
  • Relaxing Eyes: Smooth motion of sands can relieve stress, relax your eyes,cultivate patience

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