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MarqART Wood Lighthouse Box – Handmade USA – Unmatched Quality – Unique, No Two are The Same – Original Work of Wood Art. A Lighthouse Gift, Ring, Trinket or Wood Jewelry Box (#2502 Lighthouse 6x8x2)


► Made in the USA: Solid Sturdy Construction, designed and built to last a life time. It will not fall apart after a few days, weeks or months like many of our competitors imported products.

► Unmatched Quality: Handcrafted – not some cheap foreign import that will arrive broken, scratched, marred or smelling of chemicals.

► Original Work of Art – No two are the same: If you put 100 or 1,000 of the same design next to each other, each one would be different from all of the others. This is because each wood shown has its own unique wood grain pattern and color.

► Label comes with each creation: A label comes inside each box that explains the wood species used in its creation.

– Outside wood has a satin lacquer finish, the bottom has tan velvet to prevent scratches.
– Inside walls are lacquer finished, inside bottom is black velvet to protect your fine jewelry.
– We use environmentally friendly Rubberwood [mature plantation trees that are no longer able to produce latex].

– Exterior: 4 x 5.25 x 1.5 Inches
– Interior: 3.4×4.9 x 0.7 Inches

What our Customers Say:
MarqART is Amazing!…..I am Proud to give as a gift…..Best Quality out there…..Friendly Customer Service…..I will Buy Another one.

We Stand behind Our Work.
We are not some large, faceless corporation but a 3rd generation craftsman, creating original works of art using old world techniques and secret family processes. We are a small family business based in Colorado. We are proud of our work and we stand behind it.

Available for limited time. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed! Add to cart NOW!

Product Features

  • ► Unmatched Quality . . ► Sturdy Construction – Designed and Built to last a Life Time
  • ► An Original work of Art – No two are the same. . ► Using Sustainable Forest Resources
  • ► Hand Made in the USA – Not some cheap foreign import. . . . . ► Size: 4x5x1.5 Inches
  • ► This Design shows 24 individual pieces and 15 unique wood species.
  • ► We are a small, family run business. We are proud of our work & we stand behind it.

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Tutu.vivi Frame DIY Oil Painting Paint by Number Kit 16×20 inch Linen Canvas Without Frame (Small Courtyard)

Painting Construction:

You can decide the drawing turn according to your personal favor or in turns of the numbers

For the white paint and other light color paint part, the figures left on the canvas may be seen, you can double use the paint and try to cover with the thick paint
The paint:

use the paint directly and do not add any water

the match the number of the paint and the figure on the canvas to fill in the paint

if you careless to fill in a wrong color, you can wait the paint to get day and then cover the wrong part with the correct color on the surface

The brush:

wash the brush cleanly when you change to another color

for the large part, you can use the larger brush to paint, and for the small part, you can use the smaller brush to paint

wash the brush cleanly every time you finish painting for the next time use

The canvas:
professional canvas design for DIY oil paint

Note:Included Wood Frame

For the Solid Wooden Frame, Please visit our storefront .


If you happen to have the paint on your clothe, please wash it immediately.

Please cover the lid of paint well when you do not use it, in case the paint gets dry.

The figures on the canvas may not be covered entirely, hope you do not mind.

The paint we offer is enough for the normal use, please do not waste it in case of the paint shortage.


Product Features

  • Size high quality painting brushes
  • Using high-quality safe acrylic paints
  • Finished size: 16*20 inches
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Pre-printed art canvas with wooden frames

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Wyenliz Cowboy Hat Shape Ring Box,Unique Small Velvet Rings Necklaces Display Case for Proposal Engagement Wedding

Product Features:Cowboy
Packaging includes:1 cowboy hat shape ring box

Product Features

  • ✿Feature:Unique cowboy hat shape,color:brown.Plant velvet, more soft to protect your jewelry
  • ✿Size: 2.8*2.4*1.5(inch)
  • ✿Suitable for proposal, engagement, marriage, anniversary, valentine’s day, birthday and other special days
  • ✿It can hold a ring or a pair of earrings or a necklace
  • ✿Customer Service:100% satisfaction and money back guarantee

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Parker Square Secret Night Box Light up LED, the World’s Best Engagement Ring Box

The Secret – Night Box is a revolutionary flat engagement ring box designed to help hide your engagement ring until the perfect moment. It’s unique design, LED light and rising ring platform enhances the presentation of the ring. Every feature was obsessively perfected and here is the thought process from the inventors: flatness – The most important feature in a surprise proposal is flatness and therefore concealability. We were able to maximize flatness by designing the box around the narrowest possible dimension of the ring. Size – If the box was too big, it would detract from concealability. If the box was too small, it would feel like a toy and diminish the importance of the moment. We feel that we have landed on a size that still feels substantial in the hand yet remains easy to conceal. Led light – Our Night Box comes with an LED light for when your diamonds need a little extra shine in dark romantic settings. Rising platform – Diamonds and other gemstones sparkle by catching light and reflecting it into our eyes. To “sparkle” there needs to be light and movement. Our ring holder raises the ring as you open the box and enhances the brilliance and scintillation of your diamond. Color – While easy to overlook, the color and texture of the background to your ring plays an important role. Diamonds and many gemstones look the best within a narrow range of blue hues. In addition to the perfect color, we used a special matte backdrop that allows your ring to shine without distractions. Picture frame – The frame inside the top of the box allows you to add your picture or a special message to really personalize your delivery. Durability -Most boxes feel disposable and seem to be made as an afterthought. Our box is constructed with genuine full grain leather for maximum durability. Think of your favorite leather wallet our boxes are designed to wear just like it. Most ladies use our box as their go to travel case after the proposal.

Product Features

  • Super slim engagement ring box perfect for surprise proposals or travel
  • Handcrafted from full-grain leather and embedded with a magnetic closure
  • LED light and rising ring platform give your diamond maximum sparkle
  • Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 0.75 inches
  • Accommodates up to a 13mm diamond

Smiling Wisdom – Blue Silver Leaf Necklace Friendship Box Gift Set – Reason Season Lifetime Friendship Greeting Card – Unique Gift for Good True Best BFF Friend for Her

PACKAGE CONTAINS – Leaf necklace with blue stone, nestled in a jewelry box lined with satin. Packaged in semi-transparent blue 5x6x1 inch button bag. Smiling Wisdom was created to help others find the words to make better connections with friends and family. Its mission is about giving something away, touching someone’s heart and inspiring others-for no reason at all. Each product is designed by the owner, an artisan who puts her words and artistry together with heart and mindfulness. Each gift is about bringing joy to someone important in your life. The messages are encouraging, compassionate and heartfelt. The beautiful packaging is a big part of the overall experience. If your heart is touched, you have feedback or inspiration-we’d love to hear from you.

Product Features

  • KEEPSAKE WALLET FRIENDSHIP GREETING CARD: ~ 4×3.5 inches, 80# paper. A beautiful sentiment for a meaningful friendship. Printed and made in USA.
  • FRIENDSHIP GREETING CARD MESSAGE: People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. The friends we keep for a lifetime grow with us through the seasons. When I needed compassion, you warmed my spirit without judgment. When I needed grace, you were a spring of forgiveness. When I needed encouragement, you reminded me of times that I blossomed. When I was about to fall, you lifted me to my feet and reminded me that true friends grow tall together. You are a friend for a lifetime. BA
  • LEAF NECKLACE: PENDANT: 2.65 CM x 1.1CM Silver plated. Blue Cubic Zirconia. LINK CHAIN: 18 inches
  • GIFTS and USES: A beautiful sentiment for a meaningful friendship. Show appreciation to a friendship that has lasted through the seasons, and for years to come. A beautiful sentiment for a meaningful friendship and great friend. Great for best friend, fiancé, girlfriend, sister, BFF, bestie, true friend. OCCASION: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anytime Gift Set for best friend.
  • RELATED PRODUCTS: This product was designed to send directly to a friend and the packaging is complete. If you like a full sized card, there are several friendship gifts that include that. Click on Smiling Wisdom above the description to see related products.

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