LapWorks 12″ Heavy Duty Garden Swivel – for Potted Plants, Tree, Statuary with Indoor/Outdoor Use (Tuscan Terra Cotta, 12.6 inch)

No other manufacturer offers our LIFETIME WARRANTY! The Swiv-All is an all-purpose garden swivel / turntable / Lazy Susan / rotating stand for just about anything that can balance on the 12.6 inch diameter surface.

Ideal for turning large plants to allow equal sun coverage and balanced growth, but it’s handy for just about anything that requires rotating or swiveling 360 degrees or simply rotating from side to side. Need to rotate statuary or other decor to face different directions for different events or photos? Do you work on art outdoors and want to swivel your sculpture or vase for best light or easier access? The LapWorks Garden Swivel is ideal.

This swivel is based on our proven sturdy and smooth swivels that were originally available only in black. This new swivel has a red-tinted clay color we call Tuscan Terra Cotta. Black swivels are available in 10″, 12.6″, 15.9″ round and 21.7×16″.

Of course, this heavy duty swivel with the pleasing color can also be used indoors. Great in the kitchen for house plants and food display or serving. Use it for art and craft room, living room or bedroom. Can be used under appliances so long as the bottom doesn’t get overly hot. For photography purposes, the swivel is great for taking 360 degrees images of anything you can set on them.

Measuring 12.6 inches diameter and less than 1 inch thick with strong steel bearings for smooth turning and long life, the bottom has rubber bumpers for super gripping.

Product Features

  • Suitable for heavy plants, small trees, statuary, vases, arts & crafts.
  • Full 360 degree Rotation Supports up to 150 lbs. LIFETIME WARRANTY!
  • Non-skid, non-scratch rubber pads. Steel ball bearing quality 0.8″ Thin Profile.
  • We have tested our ABS swivels through 10,000 operation with varying weight loads and they have never shown any wear or denting by the ball bearings regardless of the amount of weight loaded onto them.
  • Our products are made of 100% high impact ABS material while other inferior swivels are made of a softer Polypropylene which is so much softer (and less expensive) than ABS that heavy items will dent them and they eventually will no longer turn smoot

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