RGM Large Painting Spatula, 8005 (RGTECH8005)

Made with high-quality steel mirror blades and natural bubinga handles, these large painting spatulas have superior flexibility and quality. They can be used for mixing, moving and manipulating paint, for applying Texture mediums for dimensional artwork and for texturizing paper-born artwork. Available in a variety of unique shapes to fit every artists’ needs. For over 50 years, RGM has been producing distinguished fine artist tools designed for masters, professionals and serious students. RGM exquisite painting knives and tools for carving, sculpting and etching are made with the highest quality materials, following the tradition of artisans and artists. With the revival of painting knife work, RGM has lead the avant-garde, offering innovative shapes and characteristics that yield new functionality for the artist. RGM paint knives are available in a range of over 250 models. Each tempered steel blade is hand-ground, providing unparalleled flexibility and spreadability.

Product Features

  • This large painting spatula features a large angled blade and is ideal for mixing, moving and manipulating paint that has a thick consistency
  • Ergonomic natural bubinga Wood handle
  • Stainless steel blade
  • HANDLE has hole for easy storage