Qf Hand Blown Seashell, Beautiful Home Decor, Handmade Glass Art, Glass Conch

Dimensions: about 8.9*4.1in. Nowadays, our lives are getting better day be day, so the basic entertainments are not enough for us. It’s time to meet some high-grade art, like concert, ballet. So decoration for your house is also an important part, why not choose our glass art? High quality glass with handmade process, which will meet your every demand on an eligible home decor. Purchase it. NOW!

Product Features

  • Handmade Craft – Our craftsmen burn the glasses with high temperature fire to burn it to semisolid, and then use their mouths to blow the glass, and with their skillful hand, we got this elegant artwork.
  • Unique Figurine – As you know, it’s a handmade figurine, every one is unique, even the one you got may be a little different from the pictures. By the way, the blown process may bring some bubbles which is normal, please understand.
  • Elegant Decor – Why not try a different item for your home decor? You know, the normal seashell may last for a long time, but it will corrosive one day. This kind of problem won’t happen in our glass conch, with high quality glass, it will last as long as you live. And not only for a table decor, if you have a aquarium, our conch can be your best choice for decoration, too.
  • Distinctive Gift – We know most of you are pragmatist, and we always choose practical gift to send. However, we want you to put your eyes to our figurine. You know, nowadays, a usable gift cannot satisfy us, we are seeking high-grade life style, our glass art can be your choice.
  • Worriless Purchase – No matter before you buy it or after you buy it, we are always ready to help you, any question or problem, contact us. Any quality problem will get a satisfying solution.