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All Night Long Oil 1/2 oz Hoodoo Voodoo Wiccan Pagan Conjure

Our All Night Long Oil contains all the right ingredients that are known to boost the sex drive, increase passion, encourage arousal and help make the bedroom sizzle. Our All Night Long blend includes herbs and oils that have been known throughout history to work as powerful aphrodisiacs such as cardamom, oat straw, rosewood, coriander, sarsaparilla and a few other potent herbs that make this oil one of a kind. If you want to boost your efforts in the bedroom or simply wish to work with a fantastic conjure oil that allegedly has the power to seduce the most cautious of lovers, than All Night Long may be the perfect oil for you. The beauty to our All Night Long Oil is that it truly has a unisex aroma. In fact, I would call it deep and rich without being too overpowering. It comes in a ½ oz bottle. There are numerous ways to use our All Night Long oil. Mix some with your favorite message oil, burn in a diffuser, put some in a warm bath, or mix some into your favorite body lotion. It can also simply be dabbed on the body or even anointed on undergarments. Mix some with a bit of Follow Me Boy Oil and dab some on your lover’s things. You can also dab some on your partner’s photographs or rub some on the bottom of your mattress. This would also be a fantastic oil to use on his and her image candles. For this ritual, get a red male image candle and a female red image candle. Write the name of your partner on one candle and then carve the name of yourself on the other. For example, if you’re female, you would carve your own name on the female candle. Anoint both candles with All Night Long Oil and draw the oil up each candle. Sold as a Curio. For External Use Only. Not intended for children.

Product Features

  • Love, Lust, Passion, Arousal & Seduction
  • Includes real herbs and essential oils in every bottle
  • Comes in a 1/2 oz Bottle

Deco 79 55841 Metal Antique Phone, 13″ H x 5″ W

13″ Vintage Reflections rustic iron decorative candlestick model phone, tarnished and distressed-finish black iron post phone and round base with raised dial plate and button outlines, braided iron cord-attached earpiece on tarnished brass-finish receiver, iron black and brass-finish top round mouthpiece

Product Features

  • Antique phone decor made of iron
  • Replica of an Old-Time Candlestick Telephone
  • A distressed black and brown finish

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Jack Richeson 50′ 1/16″ Armature Wire

Jack Richeson armature wire creates the structure that keeps a sculpture together and provides a frame upon which to work. This economical aluminum wire is light weight, very pliable, non staining and Non-corrosive. Suitable for kiln-fired as well as oven-baked products.

Product Features

  • Light weight and very pliable
  • Non-staining and Non corrosive
  • Suitable for kiln fired as well as oven baked projects

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Essential Oil Diffuser Art Glass Vase Fragrance Ultrasonic Cold Fog Humidifier 7 color LED Lamp and Water Free Automatic Closing 4 time Set Office Family Bedroom Baby Room Study Yoga (art vase-1) ¡­

Unique vase design £ºHandmade glass products, specially designed for you. Perfectly place it in the living room, bedroom, or child’s room. You can also use it for more business places, such as business office, yoga studio or spa room.£¨Because they are handmade products, each product will has a subtle differences.£


Capacity: 100ml

Basic material: abs+pp without BPA

Mask material: Handmade glass

Length of wire: 61.02in

Product size: 5.51*9.05in

Package size: 7.08*7.28*11.02in

Product weight: 1.52 lb

Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz

Time setting: 0.5H 1H 2H 3H

Automatic closure of water without water

Light button

First press the light to set the cycle

Second fixed in a particular color

Close the lamp by the lamp

Power button

First fogging

Second set 0.5 hours of work time by time

Third set up 1 hours of work time by time

Fourth set 2 hours of work time by time

Fifth, set 3 hours by time (the longest working time is 4 hours).

Sixth close the fog and close the fog

Packaging content 

1* essential oil diffuser (not containing essential oil)

1* charger adapter

1* user manual

Note : essential oil is not included in essential oil

 Please add water below the maximum line, otherwise it will cause fog or fog exit

 Please keep the cover at work

 clean water room before use. Do not 

Product Features

  • The unique design that is made of art glass vase,and each product is manufactured by blowing through the mouth, and handling with the skilled manual skill by craftsmen. There may be slight changes,but each of which is artwork.
  • The function of the product includes seven different colors of lights for you to choose,not only the colors can be display separately, but also can be setting of seven color gradual change cycle display. The capacity of the water tank is 100ml. Once the water is running out, the light will automatically closes after flashing for 2-3 seconds,which play the role of protecting the equipment
  • Using ultrasonic technology, it is very quiet when working. Foggy, it can soften and moisten the dry and chapped skin in winter. When you sleep on the air conditioner, it can also help you breathe better.
  • Time setting: 4 time setting modes: 0.5 hours / 1 hours / 2 hours /3 hours. Note: This is an essential oil diffuser and you can use it as a humidifier.
  • The diffuser is made by PP and ABS. No bisphenol A, no toxic substance. These materials, such as bottles, essential oils that maintain active ingredients. Our essential oil diffuser is recognized by ETL and FCC. We promise a free warranty for 6 months and we aslo have 45 days’ refund guarantee.

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