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The storm glass or chemical weather glass was an instrument which was proposed as a method for predicting weather.

It consisted of a special liquid placed inside a sealed transparent glass.

The state of crystallization within the liquid was believed to be related to the weather.

The inventor is unknown but the device became popular in the 1860s after being promoted by Admiral Robert FitzRoy.

User Guide:

☞If the liquid is clear, it indicates bright weather.

☞If there are crystals at the bottom, it means the air is thick or frost in winter.

☞If the liquid is dim with small stars, there are thunderstorms.

☞If there are large flakes, it indicates heavy air, overcast sky or snowing.

☞If there are threads in upper portion of liquid, the weather is windy.

☞If small dots appear, the weather is damp or foggy.

☞If presence of high rising flakes, there are wind in the upper air regions.

☞If there are small stars in the liquid, winter and snow is approaching.

In general, the higher the crystals rise in the glass tube in winter the colder it will be. Temperature is still the most important factor for crystal changes.

Package Includes:

☆1 Piece Small, Medium or Large Eon Concepts Storm Glass

☆1 Piece Instruction Manual designed by Eon Concepts

☆1 Piece Solid Wooden Base with LED lights & USB Cable

☆1 Piece Elegant Gift Box

… and more!

Product Dimensions:

Medium Storm Glass Size: 7.8 * 3.7 * 3.7 inches

Package Size: 8.3 * 4.1 * 4.1 inches

Product Weight: 1.32lb

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Product Features

  • ✔LIVE WEATHER FORECAST AT HOME: Check out the weather any time you want with a little help from our glass storm weather forecast predictors. This colored storm glass ornament is filled with highly concentrated liquid and uniquely shaped crystals that change consistency as the weather and temperatures change! Awesome, right?
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  • ✔CHOOSE YOUR SIZE -CHOOSE YOUR COLORS:Have a look at our sleek storm predicting glass collection today and find the size that suits your needs. Our storm teardrop glasses come in S, M and L size. Their colored LED wooden base changes colors by simply pressing the white button. Get ready for a mesmerizing effect.
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  • ✔ELEGANCE MEETS ERGONOMICS: Our weather predicting storm glasses are made of high quality glass shaped like a teardrop that is ready to withstand everyday wear and tear. The elegant wooden base is finely crafted to aesthetically please any furniture. Plug the USB cord and change the LED colors with just a button.