Genuine Italian Leather Bracelet in Multiple Color Combinations | Stone Closure | Handcrafted in Italy (Ginger)

Tulsi bracelets are entirely handmade from leather cutting, pressing, stitching, and trimming. No Tulsi bracelet will ever be perfectly identical to the other, guaranteeing uniqueness of each piece. Tulsi sources Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium, the best in the world, a product of excellence. Made in Italy.

Tulsi is an Italian accessory company that was started by a husband and wife. Leather is their specialty. We are excited to bring Tulsi’s accessories to the United States; previously Tulsi products were only available at high-end Italian boutiques as well as a few other high end shops in Japan. Tulsi is comprised of a team of true artisans that place great care into the design and build of their beautiful creations. Each piece is entirely handmade. Quality begins with the sourcing of carefully selected raw materials. The leather, for example, comes from Tuscany via a consortium of tanneries of Santa Croce who still work the skin with traditional techniques, without chemical substances and with natural methods which limits allergens and has very low environmental impact. Even the accessories and the metal components are made in Italy, mostly from Tuscany.

The Ginger bracelet is clean, simple, and elegant. The bracelet is casual yet beautiful for daily wear. The leather on your bracelet will change over time, increasing its natural beauty. We are in love with this bracelet. It is simple yet refined and fashionable. It is a beautiful piece that looks great alone or paired with other jewelry. Bracelet is hypoallergenic & suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

SIZE: The Ginger bracelet comes in two sizes. PETITE: 6.75 inches – fits small wrists. STANDARD: 7.5 inches – best fit for average size wrists.

Product Features

  • MADE IN ITALY: All Tulsi products are handmade in Italy. This leather bracelet is a one of a kind piece. The care that goes into the design and build shows through in each bracelet.
  • CLASSIC & ELEGANT: The Ginger bracelet is timeless, classic, and elegant. The bracelet features high quality leather and a closure made with beautiful stone. Combining the two essential components of leather and stone makes a subtle yet chic statement.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS & CRAFTSMANSHIP: Italy is world renowned for high quality leather. The leather comes from the Tuscany region and is worked using traditional artisan techniques and without the use of chemicals. This limits allergens and has a very low environmental impact. You will see and feel the difference in quality with this lovely handcrafted piece.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Tulsi believes that little details matter. Because of this, each Tulsi product comes in an elegant box with the bracelet wrapped carefully inside in tissue paper. It’s fun to watch a loved one open a Tulsi box and appreciate the special jewelry inside.
  • SIZING INFORMATION: The Ginger bracelet comes in two size options. PETITE: 6.75 inches – fits small wrists. STANDARD: 7.5 inches – best fit for average size wrists.

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