MOTAA 100% Natural Hemp Wick with coated Natural Bees Wax, 200ft spool NO dripping SLOW BURN (HEMP WICK)

MOTAA 200FT Spool Hemp Wick is now on sale. If you are looking for a great slow burn that will not change the flavor or burn your greens faster than you can inhale then you have found the right hemp wick. MOTAA hemp wick is all organic with Natural coated Bees Wax. VMC PRODUCTIONS – MOTAA bring you the best in HEMP WICK.

Product Features

  • MOTAA 200FT 100% Organic Hemp Wick with 100% Natural coated BEES WAX
  • Hemp Wick is slow burning that does not change the flavor when lighting up
  • NO Dripping, SLOW burning, No Flavor changing, very effective burn
  • length 200ft MOTTA hemp wick
  • VMC PRODUCTIONS – MOTAA bringing you the best in HEMP WICK

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