DecorArts – Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci. The World Classic Art Reproductions. Giclee Print& Museum Quality Framed Art for Wall Decor. Framed size: 22×30″

Mona Lisa

Oil painting on a poplar wood panel by the Italian painter, Leonardo da Vinci, probably the world’s most-famous painting. Valued in excess of $1 billion, the Mona Lisa painting perhaps is the greatest treasure of Renaissance art, and one of many masterpieces of High Renaissance painting housed in the Louvre.

Art is a great status symbol in modern society. Because of that, it can be quite intimidating to the casual viewer. Art can be a great source of pleasure in our lives as well, and even a passing acquaintance with art can enrich our understanding of the world around us.

Product Features

  • Mona Lisa is known as the most mysterious smile once in a life. Whatever which side you look at, you will see Mona Lisa always gazing at you. Her eyes follow your sight change, and with the everlasting smile to all people.
  • Giclee Print Technology: Using archival-quality inks onto premium canvases, giclee printing gaurantees incredible detail, phenomenal quality, and vibrant colors. Saturated colors for up to 100 years. Solvent-free Ink: odorless and can be used by someone with allergies and in kids’ rooms.
  • Picture Size: 16×24″ Golden Framed Size: 22×30″, Each panel has a hook or rope already mounted on the frame bar, neatly metal corner on back, keep the original image on canvas.
  • Surface varnished with Semi-Gloss Acrylic Coating for a smooth and luxurious finish, enhancing appearance: brushstrokes and textures are more clearly defined, small details more apparent. The speicial coating also protecst and preserves the artwork,prolonging its lifetime and keeps it from fading..
  • Brand Quality: production from one of the world’s leading wall decor manufacturers, DecorArts a registered Trademark. Made in the USA.

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