Kids Adjustable Ring Glitter Multi Color Polymer Cute Rings For Girls Handmade Jewelry Set Of 7 Christmas Gifts

★Brand Story★
★Lily, the magic maker at Minihope, is a college graduate who began to explore Polymer Clay in 2001 and fell in love with the handicraft indulgence. Hence, Lily set up her own handicraft workshop – Minihope, and began to explore and research with Polymer clay.
★Many styles of products received an overwhelming success in Europe due to its unique material, detailed handicraft, and petite features. Lily truly believes all kids deserve to look beautiful and fashionable so she merges her own daily inspiration with vogue awareness to her products.
★Minihope’s Product uses Polymer clay because they make the jewelry soft, comes in various colors, bring out magical variation, To add that extra finesse to the product, we ensure that it is completely handmade and is made of superior quality.
★Completely adjustable according to the size of the fingers. A ring for each day of the week! Let the girls look beautiful and dainty in our Handmade Rings.
★Premium and deluxe nature of packaging add cherry to the cake. This perfectly justifies the quality of the rings and can also be your ultimate solution of the gifting problems.
★Recommended for anybody aged 3 plus.
★Buy it, own it and flaunt it! This season buy these alluring polymer clay rings to level up your fashion game.

Product Features

  • ♥Mesmerizing design: Designs that will make your daughters mesmerized. Perfectly crafted to complement their personality. Usage of vibrant colors and unique designs takes these Unicorn, Rainbow, Butterfly rings Butterfly rings for your girls kids.
  • ♥Adjustable in nature: These polymer rings are extremely adjustable according to the thickness of your finger. No more size related anxiety before initiating a purchase!
  • ♥Guaranteed durability: Made of alloy and crystal, these rings pledges to last a lifetime. Material used for the rings ensures quality feel and longevity.
  • ♥Premium packaging: Packaging enhances the feel of the product. Our sophisticated packing improves the beauty of our Handmade rings. The packaging gives these rings an upbeat, suave and a chic look.
  • ♥Perfect gift: Searching for Handmade and beautiful gifts to gift your daughters, granddaughters or their friends? Clay ring polymer rings ticks all the boxes. Never be clueless about your gifts again!