Purple Jewelry Box Trinket Organizer Mother of Pearl Inlay Lacquered Twin Cube With Drawers Floral Pattern

Unique, compact, portable, and durable!

This Jewelry Box has been crafted using traditional Korean Mother of pearl inlay and lacquer ware.
Mother of pearl inlay is the handcrafting of sea shells.
Oysters, mollusks, and abalone shells are lined naturally with crystals of calcium carbonate.
These crystals produce iridescent colors when light is shined on them.
Shells are inlaid into a design and then glazed with lacquer.
Because the crystals form naturally each inlay has a unique look!
Korean mother of pearl goods have been popular in Asia since the Goryeo dynasty 932-1392 AD.
This jewelry box is a great reminder of traditional mother of pearl inlaying and lacquer ware!

The combination of mother of pearl and lacquer produces a glossy finished item which reflects in the light.

Product Features

  • Size : 5.5″W x 2.75″D x 2.75″H (14cm x 7cm x 7cm)
  • Wine, Burgundy, Purple, Jade Green, Red, Black, Green, Silver
  • Mother of Pearl & Wood
  • Hand Crafted