Mini DNA Science Crystals

Intricate 3D images are etched inside clear glass blocks by high-resolution lasers driven by dedicated software for highly detailed, fine-grained, cleanly drawn structures. An optically perfect crystal now can function as a 3-D sculpture, paperweight, educational model, and more. Its appearance is mesmerizing, it’s accuracy unparalleled. — Modeled after DNA from the Protein Data Bank, this model’s molecular surface was calculated by GRASS, created by Murad Nayal and Ben Hitz with NSF funding. — The DNA Crystal comes with clear rubber feet to avoid scratches on your desk or mantel. Without a stand, it works best against a dark background. Available in two sizes, Mini (2″ x 3 1/8″) or Mega (3″ x 6″). —

Product Features

  • Models of the Double-Helix

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