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Wood Art Celtic Box- Handmade in USA – Unmatched Quality – Unique, No Two are the Same – Original Work of Wood Art. A Celtic Gift, Ring, Trinket or Wood Jewelry Box. (#2852 Celtic Knot 6x8x2)


► Made in the USA: Solid Sturdy Construction, designed and built to last a life time. It will not fall apart after a few days, weeks or months like many of our competitors imported products.

► Unmatched Quality: Handcrafted – not some cheap foreign import that will arrive broken, scratched, marred or smelling of chemicals.

► Original Work of Art – No two are the same: If you put 100 or 1,000 of the same design next to each other, each one would be different from all of the others. This is because each wood shown has its own unique wood grain pattern and color.

► Label comes with each creation: A label comes inside each box that explains the wood species used in its creation.

– Outside wood has a satin lacquer finish, the bottom has tan velvet to prevent scratches.
– Inside walls are lacquer finished, inside bottom is black velvet to protect your fine jewelry.
– We use environmentally friendly Rubberwood [mature plantation trees that are no longer able to produce latex].

– Exterior: 4 x 5.25 x 1.5 Inches
– Interior: 3.4×4.9 x 0.7 Inches

What our Customers Say:
MarqART is Amazing!…..I am Proud to give as a gift…..Best Quality out there…..Friendly Customer Service…..I will Buy Another one.

We Stand behind Our Work.
We are not some large, faceless corporation but a 3rd generation craftsman, creating original works of art using old world techniques and secret family processes. We are a small family business based in Colorado. We are proud of our work and we stand behind it.

Available for limited time. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed! Add to cart NOW!

Product Features

  • ► Unmatched Quality . . ► Sturdy Construction – Designed and Built to last a Life Time
  • ► An Original work of Art – No two are the same. . ► Using Sustainable Forest Resources
  • ► Hand Made in the USA – Not some cheap foreign import. . . . . ► Size: 4x5x1.5 Inches
  • ► This Design shows 38 individual pieces and 3 unique wood species.
  • ► We are a small, family run business. We are proud of our work & we stand behind it.

Butterfly Dreams Dictionary Print Vintage Dictionary Print 8×10 inch Home Vintage Art Abstract Prints Wall Art for Home Decor Wall Decorations For Living Room Bedroom Office Ready-to-Frame

Butterfly Dreams – 1900’s Vintage Dictionary Print 8×10 Inch – QUALITY PRINTS – Focusing on making quality prints for the Home & Office. This 8×10 print is Ready-To-Frame and will fit perfectly in any Frame with Mat when delivered. Thank You

  • BEAUTIFUL WALL ART: Our dictionary prints provide daily inspiration, beauty, tranquility and are the perfect choice for the office, dorm room, classroom or home.
  • READY TO FRAME: These 8 x 10″ dictionary prints are printed on early 1900’s dictionary paper and are ready to be placed in a frame.
  • MADE IN THE USA: 100% produced and fulfilled here in the USA
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA: This wall print dictionary print makes an excellent gift idea for just about anyone including new business owners, those going off to college or those who are just beginning their careers.
  • PRINT ONLY: Please note that this is a Print-Only – This order will not come with a frame. Our images are to give great ideas on how to frame or where to frame this beautiful print.
  • UNIQUE FOR YOU : Each print is unique to you, each design is printed on 1900’s vintage dictionaries, each page differs and will differ from the design in the product example.
  • #HistoricArt #MapArt #GiftIdeas #Art #Gifts #Local #HomeDecor #LocalArt About Us | Local Vintage Prints | Recycled. Local. Artisan. Founded for a passion of local art and the adventure of travel, Local Vintage Prints are hand-made in the USA and created with the vision of being environmentally responsible. Utilizing professional graphic designers, each collection is printed on a recycled piece of vintage dictionary paper and localized to your city/home/travel destination. Our mission is to encourage more people to travel and enjoy life through these beautiful prints. Cheers.

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    Old School Video Games Color !! LIMITED EDITION PRINT 11″ By 17″ ‘THE ART OF OLD SCHOOL ‘approved Dealer

    hand drawn art by OLD SCHOOL!! put on a 11in. by 17 in. ! this picture is Old School Video Games Color 11″ By 17″ ‘THE ART OF OLD SCHOOL “.. I AM A APPROVED DEALER TO SELL ALL THE ART OF OLD SCHOOL ART! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!! all THE ART OF OLD SCHOOL art come with a free top loader!!!!!!!!!LIMITED EDITION OF 500

    Product Features

    • Old School Video Games Color PRINT 11″ By 17″ ‘THE ART OF OLD SCHOOL

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    God Glimpses from the Jewelry Box: Becoming Jewels God Can Use

    What is in your jewelry box? A love letter, lock of hair, watch, or safety pin? Did you know that God’s fingerprints—evidence of His presence—can be found there as well? We can uncover some amazing spiritual lessons tucked between our pearls, earrings, and silver bracelets.

    Sometimes we act as if God is distant, but God glimpses are present in every aspect of our lives. We just have to look for them. Take a trip through thirty items in a jewelry box and discover encouragement, inspiration, and confirmation that God is so close we can reach out and touch Him.
    Be bling for the King. Look for God glimpses in your jewelry box and shine for Jesus.

    MESHA Cardboard Paper Box for Jewelry and Gift 8x2x1 Inch Thick White Paper Box With Cotton Lining, pack of 10

    Box for Delicate Things
    Many times we have had something shipped to us and it arrives in a damaged condition. It is disappointing to find something you are looking forward to using reach you broken or unusable.

    Now, make sure that all your delicate items are packed safely and securely in Mesha cardboard paper boxes. These boxes are specially constructed to keep and ship delicate items like glass, crystal, jewelry, figurines, etc. The box is made with 1.1 mm thick cardboard paper and does not bend or lose its shape easily. Is hard to tear and twist. The gift box comes lined with a layer of cotton fiber to nestle the item and prevent it from damage. The cotton fiber is non-reactive and does not discolor.

    Multipurpose Cardboard Box
    The plain box come unadorned and ready to be personalized to your specification. If you run a business in retail items that are delicate and need to be protected, these boxes are ideal for you. You can print, paint or stamp your business logo and message on top of these boxes. They can be painted, embossed, or decorated according to your taste. They are also excellent for crafts for children. Use them as gift boxes or as storage boxes for your delicate pieces of jewelry or decorations. Each pack contains 10 8x2x1″ boxes. Order your supply now!

    Product Features

    • SMALL BOXES FOR DELICATE ITEMS This cardboard box is ideal for storing and shipping delicate items that can not be damaged during transit. The box is 8×2 and its height is 1 inch. It is plain White in color and can easily be personalized.
    • DIY JEWELRY BOXES The box is made with thick cardboard paper. It is cardboard-White in color. The plain box can be printed or stamped, inked and even painted with your own business logo or design to make it uniquely yours.
    • STURDY GIFT BOXES Mesha gift box is sturdy and made to last. It is a two piece box that comes with its own lid with on need for wrapping paper. The inside is lined with soft natural cotton fiber to nestle the delicate items. It is made with 1.1 mm thick cardboard and cannot be damaged easily.
    • BOX FOR PARTY FAVORS AND GIFTS 8x2x1 Inch: It is ideal for packing gifts like watch, necklace and other such easily damaged things. It can be used for party favors, weddings, and packing in retail shops and outlets.
    • SHIPPING AND GUARANTEE The Mesha gift and jewelry box comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you may return it for a refund or exchange. This listing is for a pack of 10 boxes. Order your pack now for quick delivery.

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    Evolution by Waterford Oasis Round Bowl

    The new oasis collection uses a contemporary combination of turquoise and purple to showcase a stunning shade of indigo blue. Mouth-blown and hand-finished, this bowl is sure to infuse any table or shelf with a sense of calm, depth, and tranquility.

    Product Features

    • Bowl
    • Material: glass
    • Evolution by Waterford
    • Combine quarter cup ammonia with a mild lemon detergent; Rinse in clean water and air dry on a rack

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    Squidward Art Bowl

    Awesome Hand Made

    Product Features

    • Vision Life Inc. – Authentic Lister
    • Approx. 4 inches

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    Moon Bowl

    Awesome Hand Made

    Product Features

    • Hand Made Blown Art
    • Approx. 4 inches

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    Mele & Co. Giana Plush Fabric Jewelry Box with Lift Out Tray in Black

    In Italy, ‘La Bella Figura’, or ‘the beautiful figure’, is a way of being that emphasizes aesthetics as well as etiquette and is interwoven into every aspect of daily life. The Mele & Co. Giana jewelry box is the perfect choice for your next excursion, whether it be to Venice or even Las Vegas. With its quiet feminine beauty and uncompromising storage options, you can be assured that this jewelry chest and travel case will keep you fashionably appointed in every possible social situation!

    Product Features

    • Made of durable fabric; hand lined in ivory sueded fabric
    • Interior mirror and tabbed closure with designer inspired pewer tone snap
    • Perfect for storing your jewelry and personal keepsakes
    • Measures approximately 7 3/8″ x 5 1/2″ x 2 3/8″
    • Superb detailing and ample storage

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    Mothers Day Unique Gift Wooden Jewelry Box,corner carving inlay storage box, Vintage Box 10X6 inch

    This handcrafted Wooden Jewellry Box made from high quality wood (Sheesham Wood). Multi purposes box. Wooden Jewellry Box is a perfect box for all your jewellery. Easy to handle and safe. This hand carved Storage box has unique antique look design with wooden work. This is unique Design Hand Made Jewelry box with inlay and carving by Indian Artisan “A beautiful textured, handy, artistic jewelry box exquisitely adorned with detailed floral carvings. A stylish way to keep your jewelry organized. Its Made from Saharanpur, India.

    Product Features

    • Dimensions : Length : 10 inch ; Width : 6 inch; Height : 2.5 inch.
    • Decorative jewelry box for rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pills, matches, etc.
    • Hand made using premium Indian Rosewood (called Sheesham wood) by traditional Indian artisans from Saharanpur India
    • Carved in a cool and unique retro design to add rustic yet modern usability value to your life
    • Ideal for both men and women and especially as a novelty gift on special occasions like christmas etc

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