Sealive Round Brown Retro Old Stye Unique Lock Wooden Jewelry Box Case Trinket Box Multipurpose Keepsake Storage Boxes (S)

“Round Retro Old Stye Unique Wooden Jewelry Box Case Trinket Box Multipurpose Keepsake Storage Boxes
Product description •
Large Size: 14*13*10cm , small size:10*9*7cm
Decorative trunk that is great for storage and decoration •
Great treasure chest •
A perfect gift for the crafty individual! •
Great for painting, staining, and woodcarving •
Ready to cover with fabric, attach stickers, woodburn, decoupage, or stamp •
This wooden basswood box has a hinged lid, perfect for storing
treasure chest
Box opens and closes nicely. There are no squeaks or creaks, and the box stays open so you can dig through ‘things’ placed into it. It has that little latch so it will not come open if it were to fall over
Why need a small wood case/ treasure chest ? When use a small wood case/ treasure chest?
1 Could have this in your living room to hold your eye glasses, pens and such. And It’s a lovely addition to your room.
2 Filled it with real and pretend coins etc.
3 Quite substantial and attractive. a perfect touch to a room. And its actually roomy, you can fit more into it than expected
4 Put your tea lights in and out of the closet
5 Perfect as a pirate treasure chest
6 Great gift for treasure chest for someone you loves birthday for people to write something memorable
7 The box was very clean, it wasn’t warped, and was free of burrs and defects in the material and workmanship. You can easily able to convert one of these into a custom arcade stick for home video gaming
8 Ideal as an attractive gift box
9 Perfect for stick incense storage
10 Great as a ring bearer box , trinket box
11 As part of your wedding ceremony as a place to keep the wedding rings”

Product Features

  • Size:L:14*13*10CM,S:10*9*7CM
  • Made of wood Swing clasp,
  • and the largest one has a carry handle Authentic aged look,
  • can be stored inside one another Packed 1pc with bubble envelop,
  • Free Money back Guarantee: 60 days .Shipped by quick USPS when order price is higher than $9.99, 7-15 business days for delivery with free Tracking number.

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