16.5″ Ocean Blue and Red Metamorphic Decorative Hand Blown Glass Bowl

From the Dale Tiffany Favrile Collection

In this collection, Dale Tiffany follows the unique process where the color is ingrained in the glass
Using a variety of metals to create the color, the color is poured into the molten glass, and using ancient glass blowing techniques, skilled artisans carefully sculpture the color and shape of each piece
The beauty is in each individually made piece, and therefore no two pieces are exactly alike
Dale Tiffany Favrile continues the same commitment to excellence through the strength and integrity of its designs, quality, workmanship and service level that customers expect and deserve

Generously sized bowl features a rounded base that spreads out into large fan that is reminiscent of a whale’s tail
A background of bright ocean blue features waves of dark blue, green, yellow, red and amber
Metamorphic’s fan is outlined in deep black, which beautifully showcases the brilliant colors within

Dimensions: 8″H x 16.5″W x 8″D
Material(s): glass

Product Features

  • Hand blown glass bowl
  • Blue and red color
  • Fan shaped opening

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