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Jewelry Making: For Beginners – An Easy Step By Step Guide To Making Beautiful Handmade Jewelry!


For Beginners – An Easy Step By Step Guide To Making Beautiful Handmade Jewelry!

The book starts with explaining history of jewelry, how much we are accustomed to use jewelry. For sure, this item is bound to be in more use in coming days and thus its market is always there, never saturating.

Introduction caters the details of history of jewelry and how it become part of human needs.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Chapter-1 has tips for beginners
  • Chapter-2 is about selling jewelry
  • Chapter-3 explains methods to price your jewelry
  • Chapter-4 is about designing of jewelry
  • Chapter-5 is all about engaging in antique jewelry
  • Chapter-6 is a brief about making jewelry from ordinary items around us
  • Chapter-7 explains the need to have good jewelry packaging

Download your copy of “Jewelry Making” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

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Charmed Bracelet

Learn to create a versatile link that becomes the foundation for a whimsical charm bracelet. Melanie shows you the tools you need and the most effective way to organize your jewelry-making production line, as well as how to create uniform links that can be turned into bracelets and necklaces. This is a terrific project for building jewelry skills, as well as using orphaned beads from other beading projects.

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Clay Sculpting Tool – 31 PCS Pottery Sculpture Modeling/Carving Tool Set for Ceramics Beginners and Professional Art Crafts

INNOCHEER 31 PCS WELL-MADE SET OF CLAY AND POTTERY TOOLS is ideal for any creative project and for detail work in carving, sculpturing and jewelry making. Each tool is designed to deliver superior results for all modeling clays. These tools are made of metal and some have wood handles. These tools are handy for designing your prototype and creating models to visualize a final product.


Size: (app)13-19.5 cm
(1) Spearhead and curved tool (2) Curved blade and large spearhead tool
(3) Angled and curved tool (4) Needle point and curved flat tool
(5) Metal wire brush tool (6) Slightly forked and curved flat tool
(7) Salt and pepper drill tool (8) Needle point and curved tool
(9) Curved and loop tool (10) Slightly forked and spearhead tool
(11) Spoolie tool

WKT – 8 PCS Tools

These tools are great for detail work and any wheel throwing class.
(1) Loop tool for removing clay
(2) Ribbon tool for cutting, slicing and shaping
(3) Needle tool to cut clay strips or holes, make designs
(4) Potters rib for shaping and smoothing
(5) Modeling tool for cutting, smoothing, contouring and decorating
(6) Smooth scraper for shaping and trimming
(7) Wire clay cutter for slicing clay or trimming pots
(8) Sponge

WKT – 7 PCS Plastic Tools

This set is made of durable plastic, so you should get years of use. The standard shapes satisfy a variety of modeling needs.

WKT – 5 PCS Shaping Tools

This tool set, consists of 5 rubber tip pen, which is best for color shaping, blending, drawing, fine detail, touch-up work and remove the fingerprints.


Blades are extremely sharp. Caution: Recommended for Adult use only.
Cord poses a potential strangulation hazard to your children. When not in use, store out of children’s reach.

Product Features

  • TOTAL 31PCS CLAY TOOLS: The most sought-after basic tools for a clay/pottery/ceramic masterpiece.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: The clay tools can meet different needs for sculpting, carving, cutting, shaping, modeling, and jewelry making with materials such as clay, ceramic, plaster, mud, and so much more.
  • DURABLE: High quality design for a long-lasting use, easy to clean and store. Sturdy handles that are easy to work with and sharp tools which provide for accuracy and efficiency.
  • GREAT DESIGN: Provides a variety of different carving shapes to give you more flexibility for your designs.
  • Suitable for clay beginners and experts.

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Design Toscano Tattoo Temptation Wall Sculpture Collection: Asian Beauty and Floral Seduction

Do you tattoo? Artist Kaleb Martyn pays homage to the 5,000-year-old art of the tattoo in his two new – and quite sensual – works for home or gallery wall. “Floral Seduction” is awash in a garden of roses, daffodils and trailing vines, while his “Asian Beauty” finds a fiery dragon wielding its long, powerful tail. Both curvaceous pieces are Design Toscano exclusives cast in quality designer resin. 6″Wx3″Dx16and 1/2″H. 5 lbs.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 6″Wx3″Dx16.5″H 5 lbs.
  • Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin
  • Each piece is individually hand-painted by our artisans
  • Exclusive to the Design Toscano brand and perfect for your home or garden
  • Perfect for display in home or garden gallery

SEA TURTLE Duo Sculpture from JOHN PERRY 9in high “JADE” Statue

These Turtles are molded in a mixture of resins in different colors of green to simulate JADE in a process I discovered and developed more than 30 years ago. The turtles are then hand polished to expose the marbelization which appears throughout the material. Each turtle is about 5 inches long. The whole piece including the polished burlwood base is about 9 inches high and 10 inches long. PLEASE NOTE: the photos are of samples for illustration. Each burl is a unique piece of nature’s art, so the one you will receive will be different but of similar size and comparable beauty. It is SIGNED and comes with a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICTY. See more turtle and other of John’s sculptures in our Amazon store. Shipping within the USA is included. Overseas shipping cost is the actual cost. Sometimes at check-out the cost is higher, if so we refund the difference. Additional import duty and taxes may be due on arrival.

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Metal Sun – Handcrafted Wall Art From Haiti, Recycled Oil Drums, Indoor or Outdoor 11.5″x11″

Earth-friendly Metal Sculptures-Haitian artisans recycle 55-gallon metal drums into this lustrous wall hanging. Detailed hammered cutwork celebrates the natural world.

Product Features

  • Hand-crafted from cast-off 55 gallon steel drums, artists in Haiti follow four generations of tradition in metal sculpture.
  • The artist first visualizes his design, often taking inspiration from his culture and natural surroundings.

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Art Naturals Organic Arabica Coffee Scrub 8.8 oz -The Most Powerful Remedy for Varicose Veins,Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Eczema & Acne – Deep Skin Exfoliator That Promotes Cell Repair &Rejuvenation

Wake up sleepy skin with ArtNaturals’ Arabica Coffee Scrub! Once or twice a week, get your morning commutin’ as the invigorating properties of caffeine and cacao extract join forces with the exfoliating properties of coffee grounds and Dead Sea Salt. Add in the calm of olive and sweet almond oil plus shea butter and you’re ready to fight traffic and look fabulous. Our 100 percent natural Coffee Scrub revs up facial skin to reduce age spots and even out skin tone, while it helps heal acne, rosacea and eczema as it exfoliates. Dead Sea salts combine with Kona coffee, rich in caffeine. Caffeine’s antioxidants fight free ¬radicals, reducing the appearance of the dreaded cellulite on legs, arms, tummy, and bottom. ¬The powerful antioxidants also help rid skin of bacteria and harmful chemicals while reducing swelling and puffiness. Reduce the look of varicose veins and stretch marks as you gently massage in the Scrub during your morning shower.¬ Olive oil is also an antioxidant champ, while aiding in hydrating and smoothing. Sweet almond oil removes impurities and dead skin cells, as it also turns back the clock on skin’s aging. Grape seed oil moisturizes and gets rid of dry, flaky skin. Coconut extract and shea butter work together to help the Scrub glide on, while also helping hydration. All our Arabica Coffee Scrub ingredients combine to give your skin just the jumpstart it needs to feel great all day. Ideal for both women and men.

Product Features

  • Art Naturals’ Arabica Coffee Scrub combines Dead Sea salts with Kona coffee to reduce the appearance of cellulite, varicose veins, and stretch marks.
  • On facial skin, the Scrub fights acne, rosacea and eczema as it exfoliates.
  • Natural antioxidants rid skin of bacteria and chemicals while reducing swelling and puffiness.
  • Botanicals extracts, including olive, sweet almond and grape seed oils work together to combat dryness and irritation as they hydrate.
  • All ingredients meet Art Naturals’ 100 percent natural standards. Paraben and cruelty free!

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The Art of Perfumery: And Method of Obtaining the Odors of Plants (Making Perfumes, Colognes and Essential Oils)

The Art of Perfumery And Method of Obtaining the Odors of Plants Science of Making Perfumes New Edition A perfumer is a term used for an expert on creating perfume compositions, sometimes referred to affectionately as a Nose (French: le nez) due to their fine sense of smell and skill in producing olfactory compositions. The perfumer is effectively an artist who is trained in depth on the concepts of fragrance aesthetics and who is capable of conveying abstract concepts and moods with fragrance compositions. At the most rudimentary level, a perfumer must have a keen knowledge of a large variety of fragrance ingredients and their smells, and be able to distinguish each of the fragrance ingredients whether alone or in combination with other fragrances. As well, they must know how each ingredient reveals itself through time with other ingredients. The job of the perfumer is very similar to that of flavourists, who compose smells and flavourants for many commercial food products.

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Classical Retro Serving BOWL Lotus Porcelain Vintage Dinner Turquoise Medium Service Unique Late 20th Century Chinese LS

Classical serving bowl in porcelain of the retro style with lotus pattern; vintage Chinese late 20th century. SKU: M128951. Condition: Used very good. Fine. Size cm: 9 cm H, 22 cm Diam. Size inches: 3.5” H, 8.7” Diam. View more items in our catalogue.

Product Features

  • Size cm: 9 cm H, 22 cm Diam. Size inches: 3.5” H, 8.7” Diam;
  • Classical serving bowl in porcelain of the retro style with lotus pattern; vintage Chinese late 20th century;
  • Condition: Used very good. Fine;
  • Thanks for looking, feel free to ask any questions;
  • Please look at our other items.

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