The Great Reframing: How Technology Will––and Won’t––Change the Gallery System Forever

In recent years, observers and participants alike have passionately debated technology’s prospects for altering the art industry, particularly the contemporary-gallery sector. A few staunch Luddites aside, many, if not most, now seem to believe that wholesale “disruption” of this specialized market is inevitable. But both parties in this would-be merger harbor grave misconceptions about the other’s business—misconceptions that distort their often-utopian predictions about the “frictionless” and “democratic” future of contemporary-art sales.

“The Great Reframing: How Technology Will—and Won’t—Change the Gallery System Forever” seeks to correct the record on both sides. By revealing the secretive and counterintuitive dynamics of the 21st-century art market as only a veteran of the industry can, Tim Schneider unpacks how and why this unique space dismantles many of digital innovation’s most dependable weapons of disruption. And by elucidating tech’s winner-takes-all effects on earlier-adopting cultural sectors like pop music and film, he foreshadows the unintended (and unsettling) consequences that e-commerce, data science, and other advancements are likely to unleash on a largely unsuspecting art industry. Through this double-barreled approach, “The Great Reframing” blasts open the debate about how—and how much—contemporary artists, gallerists, and professionals alike need to evolve if they want to avoid being herded onto the industry’s scrap heap in the years to come, beginning right now.

The Art of Hearing Heartbeats

A poignant and inspirational love story set in Burma, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats spans the decades between the 1950s and the present.  When a successful New York lawyer suddenly disappears without a trace, neither his wife nor his daughter Julia has any idea where he might be…until they find a love letter he wrote many years ago, to a Burmese woman they have never heard of. Intent on solving the mystery and coming to terms with her father’s past, Julia decides to travel to the village where the woman lived. There she uncovers a tale of unimaginable hardship, resilience, and passion that will reaffirm the reader’s belief in the power of love to move mountains.Amazon Best Books of the Month, February 2012: I’ll admit that when I first read the title of Jan-Philipp Sendker’s novel, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, I winced (just a little). Something about it gave off a whiff of well-aged Stilton, but this love story is no stinky cheese. In it, a respected New York City attorney vanishes, supposedly en route to a business trip, leaving an embittered wife and dumbfounded daughter behind. No, I’m not getting my genres mixed-up. While there’s a mystery–one the daughter, Julia, travels to Burma to unravel–what she uncovers there is anything but sinister. Julia is a cynical sleuth, and your suspension of disbelief will be tested, too, but as this sweeping romance unfolds, you’ll gladly fall for it. –Erin Kodicek

Product Features

  • Other Press NY

Learn How To Draw Portraits: A Step by Step Guide To Drawing Portraits (Become An Artist Book 3)

Learning How to Draw by Dr. John Lumley is a very easy to follow practical guide for beginners to get started with no prior knowledge of technique. The books consists of 8 chapter covering:

– Anatomy
– Learning from the Great Masters
– Constructing the Head
– Setting the Scene
– The Definitive Portrait
– Life Drawing
– A Touch of Inspiration
– The Studio

The book contains over 100 examples of drawing to reproduce and dozens of photographs or the exact equipment that will enable you to draw portraits like a professional artist if you put in the time.

Learn How to Draw Portraits by Dr. John Lumley is a series of 4 books, the other volumes cover drawing, composition and painting.

If portrait drawing is always something you wanted to do or if you would like to increase your knowledge then click the buy button and get started on your journey to being an artist.

Stained Glass Dragon Window Art Sun Catcher

This Awesome one of a kind Stained Glass Dragon Window Art Suncatcher is 12 1/2″ x 10 1/2″. I mosaiced it with stained glass then sealed. Unique Gift idea for the Dragon Lover Collector, Housewarming Gift. Hang on any window as it glows with Bright colors or hang on any neautral color wall. Yours will take 7-8 days to complete . Colors of frame and dragon may differ some as each are one of a kind and made as ordered . Thanks

Amia Wine Country Glass Circle Suncatcher

Amia handcrafted glass product is created by using advanced computerized design application that creates sophisticated colorations with detailed blending and shadings. This incredible breakthrough technology allows our designers to translate Amia world-recognized skills in beautiful hand-painted products into handcrafted products that are close, if not exact, in appearance when compared to to our original work. Items in the line range from suncatchers, window decor panels, vases, votives and much more. Entire collection available on Amazon.

Product Features

  • Hand-crafted glass
  • Includes chain for Hanging
  • Does not include suction cup
  • Comes securely packaged, makes for a great gift

Carved Glass Masonic Sun Catcher

This handmade suncatcher is carved into beveled glass using our unique sandblasting methods. Each item is handmade, one at a time, using our own illustrations. Suncatchers measure 6 in. x 9 in. It is recommended that you hang your new Suncatcher in a window where you get sun (the beveled edges of the suncatchers will throw beautiful rainbows!) or against a darker background to provide contrast for the image. We recommend hanging them with a sturdy clear fishing line, or a pretty ribbon. We DO NOT recommend hanging the Suncatchers with a suction cup, as there is always a chance that it will slip and break the glass. REMEMBER, ALL IMAGES ARE TAKEN AGAINST A DARK BACKGROUND TO DISPLAY THE IMAGE. PRODUCT IS CARVED INTO GLASS, AND IS CLEAR AND TRANSPARENT.

Handmade Talisman For Ghost Hunter’s Attracts Good Spirits Key of Solomon Seal Pewter Pendant (on Black Cord)

One can recognize the names of archangels froming a protective circle around an inner design consisting of the names or initials of various angels as well as several Sealing Taus that is Crosses of Protection. [The Tua Cross is named after the Greek letter that it resembles] The other symbols remain a mystery.
This powerful talisman was carried or worn in ancient times to bring forth good spirits to help bring health, prosperity, luck and protection to the bearer. Some Ghost Hunters [who wish to remain nameless] wear our talisman to help them find Ghosts and gain protection from any harm that evil entities might want to inflict.
Made of high quality excelsior pewter. Double sided design.
Approx. pendant size: 3.2 centimetre in diameter. Weight : 19 grams.
Comes with an approx. 36 inch or 91.44 centimetre cord and a (lead free) pewter accent bead with laminated ends.

Product Features

  • Sold by MAXTOUCHUK – Hand Made
  • Stainless steel chain of 18 INCH length with additional black waxed cord.

Blown Glass Octopus, Glass Octopus, Glass, Octopus, Ocean, Octopus Sculpture, Squid, Kraken, Cephalopod, Blown Glass, Octopus Figurine

This is a hand-blown glass Octopus figurine which is made in technique of lampworking (also it is called glass blowing). We used only color glass rods, gas torch and some hand tools to form a figurine from a soften glass. Please pay attention at colors of the figurine – we used no paints or decal, only color glass. Approximately size is: 1.7 INCHES LENGTH ( 4,5 cm) 1 INCHES HEIGHT (2,5cm) 1,7 INCHES WIDTH (4,5cm) We package and ship blown glass miniatures as carefully as possible. *Note that your piece will be similar to the one you see pictured

Bottle Cutter,FIXM Wine Bottle Cutter Kit Glass Cutter New Cutting Tool

Recycle glass bottles and jars and create functional art at the same time! Create your own glass sculptures, sun catchers and ornaments easily with this metal cutter. Sturdier and easier to use than plastic models, this highly durable metal bottle cutter will have you cutting bottles perfectly in 5 easy steps. Even thick champagne bottles break easily and smoothly.

How To Use:
Step 1:Position the Bottle
Decide where you want to cut the bottle by loosening the screw and moving the backstop forward for a shorter cut and backwards for a longer cut.
Step2: Scoring The Bottle, This is exactly the same as making a score line when glass cutting.
Rotate the bottle towards you with two hands.
Keep it firmly against the backstop and keep it moving while you’re making the score line.
This will take practice if you’ve never used a cutter to cut glass before. Only go round on
Step3: Heating the Score line
Heating the score over boiled water and cold water alternately bathe three times or above
Step4:Separating the Bottle
Step5: Smoothing the Edges

1* Bottle cutter machine
1* Wrench

The cutter is a professional tool,here is some tips for using the cutter:
1. Most people could not cut successful at first use,so please take some practice. We have the vedio about how to use the cutter,if you need,please contact us. And you can also find some vedio on the review which is shared by the other customers.
2. Most of the blades of the cutter have not any problem,they can cut well,please be assured that. But please make sure the blade can touch the bottle,if not,please reset the blades.
3. Please clean out the paper which is sticked to the bottle,it will be easier to cut.
4. Please use it carefully at your first time,the thin glass would easy to broke. The cutter is suitable for 2-8mm glass bottle.

Product Features

  • Easy to cut any bottle with the high-class aluminum slide,also there are rings isolate your score so that user can separate bottles faster and easier
  • High quality and sturdy polycarbonate material makes even a thick champagne bottle breaks easily and smoothly.
  • This glass cutter can be adjusted for different heights easily by standing the base up vertically aligning the screws with the aluminum slide bar ruler on the underside of the base.
  • New and useful design measures 12″ long x 6″ high x 5″ wide
  • Easy and humanization design design features measurements in both inches and centimeters!